KUMAR GOWDA BW1 600 Multi Channel MT Survey Record

Survey Data

Data’s are recorded from different channels and multiple sets, the recorder data’s are of set frequencies which are transmitted via transmitting channels and recorded via receiving channels depending on the depth to be interpreted, The recorded data’s are further processed to form of curve graph and the differences from the curve graph is further processed to form interpreted virtual section of the subsurface lithological structure.

Curve Graph

Layer Map(Interpretation)

Layer map (interpretation) Final Factor

Porosity Factor

1. Dry Porosity is measured on Rocks without any water or fluid in their pores
2. Wet Porosity is measured on saturated coresPorosity Factor = Tx / Rx

Note- Reports generated are based on frequencies transmitted, frequencies received and differences in frequency levels at each stage, and the geological fault should be monitored as per borehole data, geomorphology, and hydrogeological conditions of a particular site selection. Finlay Instruments calibrations are up to the mark and can be suitable for favorable geological conditions cent percent results cannot be assured in groundwater surveys as per geological changes and frequency differences based on the earth's temperature, magnetic field, and gravity differences.

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