GMT - 1200

GMT 1200

GMT 1200 is one of the powerfull handheld geomagnetic water detector with highest accuracy in survey of upto 5 hectars in just 1 hour.

The equipment has an ability to prospect upto 500 Meters depth and it is equipped with GPS positioning system to exactly map the selected point with its live latitude and longitude.

HOW TO USE One person can handle the survey with less time consuming.

  1.  the equipment has 2 units which is one display unit and second sensing hand held detector
  2.  there is a sensing cable which need to be connected to the handle and the disply unit.
  3.  the display unit is just hanged in the neck in such a way display is visible
  4.  the connected handle is perpendicularly held to the earth so that the sensing system can recieve frequencies fromn the ground
  5.  In the display unit the recieved frequencies are converted to BH values and the values are displayed
  6.  Based on the in crease in the value in any one of the axis, the prospecting person can understand the geomagnetic field strenth is high in a particular location
  7. From the marked location the sensing handle is changed to the secondary axis and we target the highest point in the secondary axis
  8.  once we find a highest reading in the secondary axis the distance from the targeted point and the secondary axis is measured using a measurement tape
  9.  as per the distance the measurement is calculated as distance multiplied by pai square
  10.  the final value is marked as the depth for the target.

The principle of the machine is an italian concept and the accuracy percentage as per geological conditions of various areas reaches more than 95 % in prospection.

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