Advanced instrumentation in groundwater exploration with 5 technologies in 1 system, equipped with Long-range positioning system, geomagnetic sensing system, transmission system, very low frequency detecting system, geo-frequency detecting system. Technologies are relevantly matched depending on the subsurface geological conditions.

R&D 3D Locators research and development team after continuous case studies has developed the Geo-master groundwater detector system with the upgraded solid medium penetrating frequencies, magnetic impedance techniques and positioning technologies, the main motto of the research works with the geomagnetic variations and interpretations. The interpretation software's are design with curve graphs 2D contours and analysis reporting functions.

The 3D locators invented the first Internet of things system with the wireless communications and analysis functionality to explore subsurface groundwater studies. Certification Equipment's designed by 3D Locators with the research exposure in Italy has set up its manufacturing unit in India which is been certified by the international standards organization, CE certification, ROHS certification, IAF certification, Registered under manufacturing entrepreneur's license.

Case studies The case studies are continuously collected from various parts of the world with variations in soundings and frequencies with failure cases and success cases for continuous development and updates, the software developed by 3D locators with IOT functions are updated periodically and as per 2018-2019-2020 the system is now hybrid developed to version 3.0. Case shares with data collection and interpretation developed by our case study engineers and users are analyzed for further development of the product and Geo - master is invented with best accuracy in the market with latest technology updat

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